LIFE Association Member Gateway

LIFE Association Member Gateway

LIFE Association is a leading Employee Benefits Provider with over 140,000 active members. Chordial architected, designed and implemented all of LIFE’s backend benefits management infrastructure as well as the web-based member portal that members visit to utilize their employee benefits. Our contributions to this project include:

  • Architecture of the data storage for members, vendors, and partner organizations, and extensive ETL systems used to import Partners’ members and export members to all Vendors using either file exports or direct API integrations.
  • Design and construction of LIFE’s member portal to allow members to access the benefits associated with their membership level. We built SAML2 SSO integration with Vendor system to allow seamless access to the Vendor’s 3rd party web applications.

Fanpage Mobile Apps and Website

Fanpage, an iHeart Media partner, is an iOS and Android mobile application that has been used by over 500,000 users worldwide to engage with musical artists. Chordial provides development and management of 100% of Fanpage’s software, databases, and reporting systems. Some of the project highlights include:

  • Building Fanpage’s iOS and Android applications that allow users to post to a social community, play trivia, and earn prizes
  • Creating a reporting portal to view key performance indicators, engagement, and advertising ROI
  • Providing fractional CTO services to manage Fanpage’s development team and administer cloud-based database, authentication, and application server environments
LIFE Association Member Gateway
LIFE Association Member Gateway

Bush-Cheney Alumni Association

The Bush-Cheney Alumni association engaged Chordial to build a web-based social community for alumni of the President’s administration. The website allowed administrators to invite all of the former staff to join this private community and view events, job offers, and to interact with other alumni.

  • Architecture of the systems and applications to manage the web application and tight security and vetting for members
  • Development of an email marketing campaign management system for communicating with members

Kramer Direct Lead Tracker

When Kramer Direct engaged Chordial, their growing direct mail business was processing returned lead cards by hand and distributing them to clients via US Mail.  Chordial designed a fully automated system that scanned all of their lead mail cards into a cloud-based system, and allowed clients to view and act on sales leads in real-time. Chordial architected, designed, and developed:

  • Online portal for customers to view their specific lead cards that the system identified by scanning the barcode on each card
  • Notification engine to alert customers of new leads
  • Reporting engine that could export CSV files for integration with customer’s CRM systems such as Salesforce
LIFE Association Member Gateway

Other Noteworthy Projects

AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group

AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group engaged Chordial to assist in the development of the second generation of their eCommerce platform that allows hospitals, physicians, and vaccine clinics to order pharmaceutical and medical supplies. As an expert in this field, we assisted their internal development team in building a white-labeled eCommerce approach that allowed each of their divisions to brand their website individually, and built and administrative portal so that customers could view their order history and make returns. Chordial also built a live-chat portal that allowed customers to chat online with customer service representatives, and provided extensive development for integrating sales and customer data with their CRM.