Chordial follows a proven method for building scalable solutions for our clients. This method is only successful because our developers are truly talented, and are empowered to work with you, our client. We constantly strive for technical excellence and good design in every line of code.

Detailed Needs Assessment – Our solution designers will closely analyze your business to provide the best possible solution to your specific problem. This detail in the requirements gathering phase ensures the success of your software project by greatly reducing the “surprises” that pop up in poorly planned projects.

Lightweight Prototyping – Functional prototypes are built from the detailed requirements. These prototypes are not throw-away, but rather a lightweight version of the software that is used to further flush out changes by getting users hands on a working system.

Implementation – Functionality is broken into small, usually one or two week long, “sprint” phases that can be delivered and tested during successive sprints. Continuous automated testing and strict adherence to development standards reduce our defect rate. Close cooperation and communication between our developers and the business owners ensure the speedy resolution of issues that might slow down the project.

Adaptation – Change is inevitable. Our sprint-driven development methodology welcomes late changes and new requirements.